“Jesus’ Passion (Luke 22: 14-62)” by Fr. Jim Willig

This is the final Sunday of Lent, and the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ according to Luke is this Sunday’s Gospel. Due to the length on the Passion, Fr. Jim chose to focus on Peter and the three important aspects of his journey in the Passion. These include:

1) The Last Supper, when Peter tells Jesus he would never leave him. Peter says to Jesus that he would die for him. Jesus lets Peter know that he will deny him three times before the cock crows;

2) The Agony in the Garden, when Peter and the other two disciples accompany Jesus but can’t even stay awake and pray;

3) Peter’s denial of Jesus three times before the cock crows.

Fr. Jim calls this a wake-up call for Peter and for all us. We are all Peter in so many ways. We need to wake-up from our own denials and face the truth in regard to our weaknesses and sins, and turn ourselves over to the Lord.

Just click on the arrow to hear Fr. Jim’s inspirational message:

God Bless You!

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