“Care of the Soul (Luke 13: 1-9)” by Fr. Jim Willig

This is the third Sunday of Lent and the Gospel of Luke continues. In this Scripture Jesus was told by some people about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with the blood of their sacrifices. They questioned Jesus about these sinners.

Jesus responded by telling them that all need to repent. One cannot look at a situation and judge these individuals as greater sinners than themselves. Jesus then said, “If you do not repent, you will all perish!”

Jesus then told the parable of the fig tree.  He was emphasizing how God’s love is always present and filled with His mercy, but the time does come when the fig tree that does not bear fruit must be cut down.

Fr. Jim’s message is beautiful and personal about how we must take care of our soul. We must be like the gardener in the vineyard, nurturing the fig tree within each of us. We must pay attention to our own shortcomings and sins in order to repent and then flourish fully.

Just click on this arrow to hear Fr. Jim’s inspiring message:

God bless you all!

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