“If I Were Rich (Mark 10: 17-30)” by Fr. Jim Willig

The Gospel of Mark continues. This Scripture introduces the young man who came running to Jesus to ask, “Good teacher, what must I do to have eternal life.” Jesus replied with quoting the commandments.

Although the young man said that he had keep all of these laws, Jesus told him lovingly that he was missing one thing. Jesus then told this youth to sell all of his belongings and give them to the poor. He would then receive treasures in heaven.  Jesus ended by saying, “Come follow me!”  Jesus saw the young man’s face fall sadly as he walked away. He could not let go of his wealth.

Fr. Jim asks us, “What are we holding onto in our lives? What has its grip on us that we will not let go and follow the Lord.

Just click on the arrow to hear Fr. Jim’s inspiring words:

God Bless You!

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