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“1st Luminous Mystery – The Baptism of Jesus” by Fr. Michael Sparough, S.J.

Fr. Michael gave us the introduction to the Luminous Mysteries last week, and now we are given the 1st Mystery – The Baptism of Jesus. In the fullness of his humanity, Jesus heard the Father say to him, “This is … Continue reading

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The Luminous Mysteries – Introduction by Fr. Michael Sparough, S.J.

For the next six weeks, Fr. Michael Sparough will be guiding us through the Luminous Msyteries. The first session is an introduction. Fr. Michael shares how Pope John Paul II decided to add the Luminous Mysteries for the Catholic community … Continue reading

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Pentecost (John 20: 19-23) by Fr. Jim Willig

This Sunday is Pentecost – the birthday of the Church. ┬áThis Gospel of John expresses the time when Jesus appeared to the Disciples in the Upper Room after His Resurrection. Jesus breathed the Spirit into them and said “Peace be … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Prayer for Us (John 17: 20-26) by Fr. Jim Willig

This is the 7th Sunday of Easter, and it is also the Sunday after the Ascension of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. This Gospel of John reveal Jesus’ prayer for all of us before He returns to the Father. Fr. Jim … Continue reading

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The Promise of the Holy Spirit (John 14: 23-49) by Fr. Jim Willig

This Gospel of John takes place at the Last Supper. ┬áJesus is offering his Disciples three gifts; 1) God’s indwelling, meaning that God and Jesus will come and live within them; 2) gift of the Spirit – the Paraclete, also … Continue reading

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