“A Minivan Named Gratitude” with Tammy Bundy

Most of us know about the “two minute warning” used in the National Football League. This happens when two minutes on the game clock remain in each half of the game. This special timeout stops the clock. Couldn’t we all use a two-minute timeout in our busy lives to catch our breath and reconnect to our spirits? Let’s call it a “two-minute warming” for the wellbeing of our hearts and souls.

Tammy Bundy

Tammy Bundy, an incredible author, speaker, and teacher is an excellent mentor to guide us on this special two-minute spiritual respite. As a mother of four, Tammy relishes her own ‘two-minute warming’ moments. These are key times when she turns her life over to God and allows Him to inspire her. Through God’s guidance, Tammy is able to look at her ordinary day-to-day moments in an extra-ordinary way.

Tammy’s powerful and constant message is that in every situation, God answers our prayers. We need to turn over our problems and frustrations to Him. There are times when we feel that God is just not listening, but whenever we reflect on the circumstances, we will see God’s hand in it all.

Just click on the video called “The Minivan Named Gratitude.” Tammy takes you on a ride with her to see how life can throw you a flat tire, but in the end God provides you the spare and the extra help you need.

To learn more about Tammy, check out her blog called “Notes from the Homefront” at: http://www.tammybundy.blogspot.com.

You can also visit Heart to Heart Store by clicking on  http://www.heartoheart.org/store/tammy-bundy.html to check out Tammy’s written work. Through her books, we are given practical insights on how to hear God’s words in the whispers of our lives.

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